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How to Establish and Build Brand Loyalty Among Your Customers

As a business owner, there is one thing that you always want – a vast customer base who is loyal to your brand. When we say loyal to the brand, we mean that the customer is talking about your restaurant tell them that they have to eat there. Having such loyalty among your customer must be your aim. Now, this kind of fan-ship can only be achieved if either your restaurant exceptional or you are an outstanding human being (and marketer).

Now, some people fail to realise the importance of building such loyalty among customers and do not look beyond the average level they are stuck at. The truth is, a loyal customer base is one and only way you can actually make your brand grow and ‘get famous’.

There are more reasons why you should do it but our focus right now is how to do it? I find people struggling with the brand promotion and getting the name out, while I simply do a few things and enjoy all the fame sitting in my air-conditioned cabin. So, I decided (sarcasm ahead) to share some secrets that you have been told many times before one last time and give you the motivation to do it. Let us start!

Identify the customer

There are 2 types of customers that you deal with on a daily basis. The first kind is the one that bases its buying decisions on the price of your menu. They come in to eat only because your service is cheaper and better. If tomorrow your competitor lowers its price, you will end up losing these customers. They do not care about you, they care about their pockets. Then there is 2nd type of customer who you must value and keep happy. These are the customers who see more than just a ‘good deal’ in your services. They appreciate the quality you provide and hence will return to you even if it means spending an extra 50 dollars.

Know Your Niche

"Always follow restaurant trends, but don't follow every restaurant trend" Know what happened yesterday, what is happening today and what will happen tomorrow. Device new ways to help the customers in your industry. Did a new technology come up? Can you use it? Can it multiply your profits or help you expand your services? Go ahead with it. Next step is to keep an eye on your competitor. Analyse their strategy, do some market research and come up with something better than what is being offered by your competition. Crush them!

Do not be the Toyota, Consider quality

In 2009, Toyota had to recall almost 9 million cars because of a quality lapse. Now, this is rare, but it is an important example that can teach anyone the importance of quality. Always ensure that you deliver nothing but the best quality. Build your customers are the foundation of quality, and I promise that you will never ever face a problem building loyalty in customers. They will return to you even if they find a cheaper version of your service, why? Because you provide them the quality.

Take Feedback

This should be your personal law of business – taking feedback. The customer has paid for your product or service, and after you have delivered it, he has an opinion of your company. This is the opinion that can change the game for you and therefore, after every delivery, ask for the feedback. You will then know your strong areas and the areas where you lack and trust me, there is no one better than your customer to tell you that. Frame a few questions or create a simple poll, whatever you do, just make sure it is short and not annoying. Once you have the feedback, act on it. Work on your weak areas and build better reputation.

Reward the Loyal Ones

A customer who has keeps coming back must be rewarded modestly. This will not only keep them happy but which motivates them to come back and bring friends. You could use a loyalty program and provide exclusive discounts to your loyal members or provide them with member only events. All these tips when combined make up for the customer winning strategy. If you are still not sure, why not let up do the work for you you can start by getting your free proposal here.

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